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Are you ready for this jelly? Our range of luxury face masks promotes 15-minutes of self-care. 

Picture this. It’s 6pm. You have drinks with friends at 8. You could do with an instant pick-me-up to get you in the party spirit. That’s when U Jelly Masks really shine. Our masks will prove to be your go-to make-up prep and are doubly awesome when you need to fake 8-hours of sleep. Best of all U Jelly will help reset your skin when it’s acting up and maintain order when it’s on its best behaviour.

Are you ready for this jelly? Our range of five luxury face masks promote self-care,

whenever you need it for whatever reason.

 24k Gold + CollagenJelly Face Mask 

 We’ve got the Midas touch everything we touch turns to gold. According to legend, Cleopatra set the gold standard for ageless beauty by sleeping in a gilded mask every night. Centuries later we’re proud to continue her luxurious legacy with some 24-karat magic of our own. This 5-star anti-aging treatment mask revives, firms andhydrates to give your tired skin a new lease on life.

 Hyaluronic Acid Jelly Face Mask

 Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring molecule in the human body that holdsup to a 1,000 times its weight in water. It's like a big drink of H2O for your thirstycomplexion; a moisture magnet that improves skin elasticity. However, as we age,our ability to produce HA slows down, so we've got to 'plump it up' with this hydrating mask to achieve an I-woke-up-like this glow.

 Pomegranate Power Jelly Face Mask

 There’s only one mask in our range overflowing with Vitamin C, our PomegranatePower mask, which well and truly lives up to its name. Simply introduce this powerhousetreatment to your beauty routine for a brighter, firmer complexion. It’s been speciallyformulated to target your everyday skin concerns, including pigmentation, dark spots,uneven skin tone and dullness. Can anyone say BPE? Big Pomegranate Energy. 

 Rose Petal Jelly Face Mask

 Will you accept this rose? Well petal this crowd-pleasing,antioxidant rich mask has yourname written all over it. Show your skin the love it deserves as our beneficial activeingredients including rosehip, hyaluronic acid and vitamin A, C, D & E bloom intoaction. They’ll work in harmony to minimise pores, encourage cell regeneration and treatacne flare-ups.

 Go Green Jelly Face Mask

 Cannabidiol aka CBD, is derived from thecannabis plant but itwon’tget you high — the THC in marijuana is to thank for that — instead it will help seriously soothe your stressed out skin.Go Green will weed out inflammation, dryness and free radical damage (pun intended) to heal your stubborn skin concerns whilst reducing sebum production for some Seth Rogen-level chill.


Ourmasks are practically made for the ‘gram, they won’t just beautify your complexion but your bathroom cabinet too. To enjoy an indulgent at-home U Jelly facial simply cleanse your face, apply your favourite cream or serum, fill your measuring cup with water, pour into the container and stir well. Paint on the product THICK with our accompanying spatula and let it work its magic for 15-minutes while you take a few dozen selfies. Finally peel it off and enjoy - it’s super satisfying, trust us!- as you revel in the results. Just be mindful that our masks can drip so they are best enjoyed when you sit back and relax for an uninterrupted time-out.


U Jelly yet? Discover our sustainable jelly masks + follow us for skinspiration